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The coalition

I have read the thirty chapter coalition document.

Most of you know I have never voted Tory since the traitors took us in to the “Common Market” in 1973 and later, on Television, Ted Heath, on being asked whether he knew it would develop into a political union, said arogantly, and these were his exact words; “Of course I bloody did!” Naturally, since I consider all parties traitors who don’t want to get us out of the European Union, I haven’t voted Labour or Liberal Democrat either.

My opinion, after reading the above document is that it is eminently sensible. The Cameron/Clegg partnership, upon realising that even if they could see “eye to eye” they couldn’t make all their changes in one parliament. So they have examined all the areas where they can agree, and based the first five years on those specific areas.

And, if they carry out the areas where they agree, it will be good for the country.

On watching Question Time, although I was not surprised at many on the panel sniping at the coalition, after all – this is their job – I was surprised at the unwillingness of the audience not to wait and see, and give the coalition a chance to prove themselves.

I have two types of readers here:

* Some will disagree with me who haven’t read the document, and some who have read the document will agree with me.

* Some will agree with me who haven’t read the document, and some who have read the document will disagree with me.

In both cases, it is the latter who are the clever ones, whether they disagree with me or not.



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