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Who supports the working class?

I found the following piece on the Working Class Tory’s website and thought it worth repeating.

There’s not much to blog about at the moment. For some commenters, emailers and others who seem to think working class Tories don’t exist, take a look at the election result. The number of people from the “C2”, “D” and “E” social classifications who voted Tory was not “0”. Therefore they do exist, statistically. Regardless, it is Labour who has consistently opposed working class achievement – whether it is through the abolition of grammar schools, the decreasing of working class people in Parliament (9% of Labour MPs are from a manual labour background), or the retarding of the progress working class people were making in moving up in the world and competing with the middle classes for status and so on, thanks to our welfare system, it is Labour who have wrecked the aspirations of working class people. If this wasn’t enough, it was the Tories who have been on the side of everyone – of whichever class – since Disraeli and before. Remember, for example, that it was Disraeli who even enfranchised working class people for the first time.

One thing he doesn’t mention is that wealth comes only from the Private Sector. There is no wealth at all in the Public Sector, only your money, torn from you in taxes. Even the politician’s pay and expenses come from your taxes. Therefore, surely the reasoning is, the best party for the working class, the entrepreneurial class, and the management class is a party that supports business?

As for aid, if you check any charity for a record of its donations, you will find they did the best when everyone was complaining about the “loads-a-money” classes under Margaret Thatcher. These people swigged champaign and threw money at charities. In other words, when people have excess money, they tend to want to support others. I know I did.



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