Foxes in London

Over the last five years we have found that foxes have multiplied in London at an alarming rate. Why has this happened? Why now and not a decade agao? There must be a really good answer that can explain this, can anyone enlighten me?

Over the last decade there have been three instances recorded of foxes coming into homes and biting people. Surely we should put this into perspective?  As my story of how kids survived in the 30s, 40s and 50s mentioned, kids grew up without all the molly-codling that goes on today.

The cry now is, kill the foxes! How do you propose doing that? Shooting them? But haven’t you just called for all guns to be banned and only the police and the army being allowed to own them? Do you want thousands of police to go around shooting foxes instead of policing London?

Gassing them? I believe cyanide is mooted for this. I wonder how many pets, and perhaps children, might also end up dead if we do this?

There must be a better way to keep the fox polulation down. What did we use in the past? Can anyone enlighten me?



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