Never say never again

Last night I watched a lot of the opening concert for the World Cup and watched Bishop Tutu clowning around. To many – and indeed me – in the early days thought he was an idiot but since the “Truth and Reconciliation” trials, realised that he was the true hero of South Africa. His idea was alone responsible for a lack of bloodshed immediately after the change of government in 1994.

However, with over 3,000 white farmers having been killed since then (1994), I have to take issue when he says “Never again will this beautiful land  see a repression of one people by another.” Has he not heard of the African youth leader,”Julius Malema”?

Here is an extract from a recent Daily Mail article:

The firebrand youth leader of South Africa’s ruling party, who has been tipped as the country’s next President, has praised Robert Mugabe’s land grab policy  in Zimbabwe and compared himself to Nelson Mandela in an outspoken interview.

Julius Malema, who was disciplined by President Jacob Zuma  for being ‘out of control’ by repeatedly singing anti-white songs and embarrassing the African National Congress, sought to defend his behaviour after being ordered to attend anger management classes and carry out community  service.



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