Cameron, BP and Obama

Sub-titled: If I were Prime Minister

I would state in Parliament the following

We cannot interfere with Obama, he is President of his country and we have to presume he has a reason for his anti-British comments. However, I think he is ill-advised and if he has any advisors who know the difference between an English company and an international company they should quickly put him in the picture.

Whereas I cannot interfere with his actions, I am aware that his comments are affecting the lives and pensions of 39% of Americans and just over 40% of British pensioners.

I am sure he will look after his American pensioners should his comments destroy BP – I wonder what the B stands for since they ceased to be a British company?

However, with the present economy as it is, we cannot afford to look after our own pensioners as the status quo stands. But it is our obligation to do this. So we have to find a way.

From next month we will start withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan and hope to have the entire force back in the UK within three months. We can do this more quickly if we move them in stages. Immediately out of Afghanistan to a friendly country on its border, then more at leisure back to the UK.”

I would not need to inform the Americans as this would be on the world news within minutes.

If President Obama demands a meeting then it would have to be on British soil. We are not anti-American but a majority of people in this country believe that what he is doing is harmful and, in addition to this, we are not stopping terrorism by being over there, and the money wasted in this fighting zone is as bad as the billions wasted by us being in the EU. We could, if we were out of both areas, be totally financially solvent within five years.


  1. #1 by Ampers on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 - 10:14 am

    In case I haven’t made myself clear, a good negotiating ploy, rather than using threats, is to actually start the deed. Then it can’t be seen as a threat but rather of a decision made.

    But this is risky as, if Obama does nothing, you would still have to pull the army out.

    As an aside, in normal life, all negotiation ploys are risky if the other person has no idea of what a negotiation really is 🙂

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