Compass conference

I “borrowed” this from a fellow blogger’s post this morning. I felt I should do my bit in spreading this information.

Compass conference, which took place over the weekend, had some interesting little hints at a return for the far left. It is worth noting that Compass’ own mission is to provide “direction for the democratic left”, yet they seem to be embracing rather anti-democratic left-wing forces.

The first example is from something Compass’ Chair, Neal Lawson, wrote in the Guardian. He said:

The collapse of existing socialism, east and west, means that these have not been fortuitous times for progressives.

Mark Wallace took issue with this:

Pardon me? So the collapse of socialism in the “east” was a bad thing for so-called progressives?

Precisely which aspects of the Soviet Union do British progressives identify with? The murderous police state? The mass famines? The crushing, grinding poverty? The racism or the homophobia? The censorship? The state-sponsored theft? The privileged, hypocritical elite robbing ordinary people to furnish their own lives of luxury? The genocides and deportations? Or maybe just the rubbish cars?

You can read the whole post at the source.


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