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I note, in the Telegraph this morning, that more and more children are turning to the Open University as they cannot afford three years of part time study.

About the only great thing that Harold Wilson ever did, way back in the sixties, was to create the Open University.

However, the corporate world weren’t sure about the students who passed and tended to treat them as inferior to students who went to a “proper” university.

But it wasn’t more than a decade before company management began to realise that not only were these Open University graduates  as bright as their red brick counterparts, but they had showed tremendous dedication by foregoing their spare time and studied hard every evening and weekend, to get their degree.

It wasn’t long after that the employers began to put a higher emphasis on an Open University degree.

In the newspaper I read the following:

Dr Latchman said: “The Review Panel, led by Lord Browne, has already stated that it recognises that student financial support for part-time students is not sufficient, especially when compared to the support provided for full-time students.

What utter bollox! (That is Afrikaans for rubbish by the way) Yes, I agree, the students do need help, but not financial support. If they are working, they aren’t spending their money going to the pub during the evenings are they? Yes, money would be useful but not given to the students in financial support.

It can be given by opening up schools in the evening so these guys can go and study together with a bright tutor always present to give help as best he or she can. The hardest thing for a student is lonelyness. Even married students can be lonely studying if their spouse hasn’t a clue of their subject, or the agonies they go through.

(Open University student drop-out)

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