Royal mail costs

I have recently received a leaflet detailing the Royal Mail’s efforts for automating the sorting of letters. The next stage should surely be to look at the wage bill of postmen.

I think, if they tried, Royal Mail could not only make life a lot easier for their postmen, but could also save on the time taken to deliver the mail.

For example, if people have a gate to their property, they could fix a lockable postbox to their gate or to the gate post. There could be a charge of £100 if they don’t do this but want letters delivered to their door. This would help compensate for the postman having to open the gate each time.

There could be a similar charge if the postman has to walk from the pavement to the door. Over five metres, £50 per annum and over ten metres, £100 a year.

These charges are not enormous but would encourage people to put in a lockable mailbox.

Packages would be rather difficult to make a ruling on, so these could be taken to the door for no extra charge, especially when they are “signed for” packages.

In addition, each town or suburb could have postboxes for hire at a low rate in sorting offices for those who don’t want to have posy boxes attached to their gate. Even less for the postman to walk.

Exceptions could be made for blocks of flats which have all the postboxes on the ground floor, but if they don’t, then each flat has to pay the price if over five yards from the street.

This could mean that the Royal Mail could stop hiring postmen until natural wastage reduced the staff by, probably, around 50%.

My ideas which I put on my blog are not meant to be taken up! They are meant to initiate discussion. Perhaps show a different way of looking at things.

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