Charities are feeling the pinch

Hat tip to “Old Holborn

Old Holborn writes:
“The first squeals of terror are starting to emanate from the bloated “charities” sector, frightened that the rivers of money flowing from the taxpayer is about to dry up. Lest we forget, many charities are simply government funded departments, totally unaccountable, completely unelected and hell bent on spending your money how their political masters see fit. From the wonderful fakecharities website
Here is a list of the charities which rely on handouts from the government of tax-payers money. For the few of you who agree with all the following aims, this will be disappointing reading, but for those of us who prefer to channel our money to worthwhile charities, it will come as welcomed news.


Addaction—well-paid lobby group, wants higher alcohol prices
Alcohol Concern—an anti-drinking lobby group that receives less than 1% of its income from public donations
Alcohol Focus Scotland—no strangers to a hand-out
Alliance House Foundation—a well established temperance group founded in 1853. It funds the Institute for Alcohol Studies.
Institute of Alcohol Studies—the research wing of the modern temperance movement. Funded by the Alliance House Foundation and the European Commission.


Internet Watch Foundation—state regulation of the internet starts here, courtesy of the EU

Charities for charities

The Media Trust—’one stop shop’ for voluntary organisations
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations—helping the charities to help themselves
V—created by the government, funded by the government
British NGOs for Development—members of Put People First coalition


Campaign for Better Transport Charitable Trust—strong opponents of road building. Funded by the Department of Transport
Living Streets—anti-motoring group. Campaigns for 20mph speed limit.


Drugscope—a taxpayer-funded talking shop


British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)—frugal with the truth when it comes to their own funding
Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)—milking the climate change cash cow
Forum for the Future—state-funded refuge for unelectable eco-mentalists
Global Action Plan UK—more windmill worshippers
London Sustainability Exchange—climate change, “environmental justice”, “communities” etc.
Pesticide Action Network—a substantially EU funding charity which lobbies the EU for more pesticide controls.
The Climate Group—carbon taxing climate warriors
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds—venerable twitchers reborn as multi-millionaire global warmists.
The Women’s Environmental Network—generic wimmin’s group with added green credentials
The Woodland Trust—heavily funded tree-huggers


Blood Pressure Association—more scared of salt than a slug
Consensus Action on Salt and Health—cheerleaders for the Food Standards Agency. Funded by the Food Standards Agency.
School Food Trust—forcing children to eat Jamie Oliver’s cooking
Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food & Farming—anti-meat and anti-dairy crusaders
The Plunkett Foundation—’social enterprise’ in the countryside
Weight Concern—fighting the “obesity time bomb” with your money

Free Trade

War on Want—socialist throwbacks
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development—G20 protesters
ActionAid—members of Put People First coalition
Find your feet—another set of anti-capitalists
Plan UK—relieves the taxpayer of over £5 million a year
Voluntary Service Overseas—recipients of more than £30 million in state hand-outs
Skillshare International—another member of Put People First’s anti-capitalist coalition
Progressio—Formerly known as the Catholic Institute for International Relations
International Service—Dependent on government for 69% of its income
Engineers Against Poverty—Little known anti-capitalist group
Action on Disability and Development—G20 protesters
Institute for Public Policy Research—Left-wing think tank


Academy of Medical Royal Colleges—medical bureaucrats
The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health—Prince Charles’ scheme to use taxpayers’ money on quack medicine

Identity politics

Eaves Housing for Women—a heavily subsidised women’s’ charity that spends large amounts of time lobbying for tougher laws on prostitution.
Equality Challenge Unit—identity politics on campus
The Fawcett Society—campaigning for unequal opportunities


British Refugee Council—campaigns with £13 million of your money

Religious & Ethnic

B:RAP—cheerleaders for the government’s ‘Equalities’ Bill
Bexley Council for Racial Equality—97% of its funding comes from the state
Christian Aid—anti-free marketeers, campaigning for “justice on climate change and tax” on your pennies.
Migration Helpline—campaigns against deportation with £10 million of public money


British Association for the Advancement of Science—overwhelmingly supported by government and EU grants
Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge—the Royal Society, as it is commonly known, was founded in the 17th century to advance scientific knowledge.


Stonewall Equality—campaigning for gay, lesbian and transgender sexual equality with your money.


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)—the original fake charity, formed by the government in 1971. It receives just 2% of its funding from public donations.
ASH Scotland—state-funded anti-smoking group staffed by neo-prohibitionists
ASH Wales—Welsh brand of the anti-smoking pressure group. Just 0.3% of its income comes from voluntary public donations.
No Smoking Day—government sponsored anti-smoking group and Smoke-Free Coalition member
QUIT—anti-smoking group and member of the Smoke-Free Coalition

The young and the old

4children—glorified QUANGO
Age Concern—applauding government initiatives with £2 million of public money
Barnado’s—aspiring horror film directors
Child Poverty Action Group—lobbies for an expanded welfare state under the pretext of ‘child poverty’
Keeping Kids Company—newly enriched hoodie-huggers
The National Youth Agency—recipients of £5 million of taxpayers money
The Save the Children Fund—receives more than half of its income from governments worldwide


Peace Research and Education Trust—appear to be closely associated with other organisations such as the Peace Pledge Union and War Resisters International who encourage service personnel to desert.

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