The American Senators regret British MPs actions

An American senator said recently on TV that they regret that we British have the audacity not to jump through a hoop when a Senator calls. Not those actual words, granted, but that is what he was inferring!

I think the MPs should be willing to talk to the Americans and make their case. However, the entire American Senate should fly over to the UK for this purpose. There are hundreds of Hotels in London, and they could hire the Queen Elizabeth II Hall in Westminster which should be large enough for them. If we ensure that the various MPs only had windows in their diaries to attend over a two week period, this would bring a lot of revenue to our top hotels, the conference hall, and tourist attractions.

And if the Americans had to spend over a week here, knowing American woman, their wives would insist on coming as well. The Senators would also want to bring their assistants and secretaries with them, so London would be full of a lot of people spending a lot of money.

But then, it wouldn’t happen. Either the Senators would refuse the offer, or they would send a small delegation over.

But, either way, it would make it difficult for the arrogant, loud-mouthed American politicians! (If there are any Brits reading this who think my blog will upset the Americans, don’t worry, they know their politicians, like ours, are loud-mouthed and arrogant!)


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