Jeremy Clarkson is my hero

Not because of his recent outburst on the Burqa, and not for any other specific outburst.

His attitude is, “I am politically incorrect and sod the lot of you for your small tiny little minds!and I love it. I came across a politically incorrect website a little while ago at and if you look hard enough you will find that Political Correctness originated before the war in Germany because the exponents of Communism couldn’t understand why it was not taken up in the West and finally realised it was the Anglo-Saxon’s propensity for independent thought.

When Hitler took over in Germany, this group who thought up Political Correctness moved over to the United States as they were mainly Jewish. I have to admit, I found this very difficult to take on board as surely Communism was against Jews? Anyway the entire history is on the website for all to see.

The following, taken from Jeremy’s Wikipedia website says:

In 2008 an internet petition was posted on the Prime Minister’s Number 10 website to “Make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister“. By the time it closed, it had attracted 49,446 signatures. An opposing petition posted on the same site set to “Never, Ever Make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister” attracted 87 signatures. Clarkson later commented he would be a rubbish Prime Minister as he is always contradicting himself in his columns.[17] In their official response to the petition, Number 10 agreed with Clarkson’s comments.[42]

While his fashion sense and chauvinistic comments are often cited as making him unpopular with women,[citation needed] in a 2008 poll of 5,000 female members of an online dating website, Clarkson came third in a poll of MISAs—Men I Secretly Adore—behind Jonathan Ross and Phillip Schofield. Characteristically, Clarkson was upset not to have come top.[43]

People either love or hate Jeremy and I would hazard a guess that, if you take the short political quiz (only ten questions) it will show your true position on the political scale. Being left or right of centre is not too important, it is where you fit on the “y-axis” that counts. Are you a statist, centist or libertarian. I would hazard a guess that those who like Jeremy Clarkson rank high on the “y-axis” and those who hate him rank lower down on this axis. The link is


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