Ubuntu Business (Part Two)

Sorry to go on about this but I did promise in a previous blog to complete the story in Part Two.

Well, this is Part Two…

At the meeting, previously mentioned, we had a series of speakers from different companies who work with Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu).

There was Chris Pittick MIMIS, the CIO of Oxford Archaeology, the largest company of its kind, who have moved their whole company over to Linux.

Then Michael Judd of Akuna talked about POS for high volume selling, including inventory control and back office integration. They are working in thirty-eight locations throughout the UK and Eire with over £3m sales in December 2009 Their products include POS, ERP and BI – all real time operations and management infoformation which is transferred to the clients head office.

Jeff Nolt Director-North Europe of Alfresco followed. They are the largest private open-source company and UK business with 1000 customers – including Government – Financial Services – HiTechIT – Manufacturing – Publishing – Education – Healthcare and Pharma. They have Enterprise customers in 43 countries over 60,000 live sites. Their clients include SAP, Yell, Ofwat, Virgin Money, Nomura, Airbus, Nissan, Islington and Camden councils, Interlink, O2 Samson, Inland Revenue, T-Mobile, Sony, Adobe and Reed.

After this we listened to David Hopwood a director of DSNetworx Limited give a talk on their strategy of moving the companies systems over to Ubuntu.

Steve Young, the VP of Sales of Likewise with partners include Ubuntu, vmware, Cisco, Novell, Citrix, Microsoft, IBM and Intel told us how they utilise Open Source with Ubuntu to provide their services to clients such as NBC, BAE Systems, GAP, IBM, Uni of Texas Cancer Centre, Nomura, Virgin Mobile, Delta, Safeway, US Federal Reserve, US Senate and Western Union.

Open Learning Centre told us how they support, in a similar fashion to the last speaker’s company, such clients including Alana, MLE Electronics, VivaEspirit and eGolfscore

Colin Macmillan of Publicus Solutions Limited told us about their implementations of OpenERP which is fully Open Source and where they operate in over forty-five countries and how they have produced over 350 separate modules for their clients, including Canonical, La Poste, University of Bolton, Verde and bSure, to use in different ways. These include Accounting and Stock Management, Complex billing and ordering, Leasing of equipment, Magento ecommerce, UPS integration for shipping and logistics, Banking integration for Direct Debit and reconciliation, Postal code integration for data entry speed, Paypal Integration, Accounting and Stock Management, Complex billing and ordering, Leasing of equipment and Magento ecommerce.

Matthew Barker, of Canonical’s Corporate Services told us that Canonical, a private limited company, has offices in London, Boston, Montreal and Taiwan, and well over 300 staff in twenty-five different countries. Some of their customers who have deployed Ubuntu include Qualcomm, University of York, NHS, T-Mobile, French Gendarmes and LVM Versicherungen.

The full agenda of the presentation, complete with all presentation slides can be accessed at this website.

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