Common sense

Nobody listens to common sense and the problem could lie with the term’s name.

If we changed the first word to “clever” then perhaps the great and the good would take more notice of it?

Another thing, having been brought up amongst many species of animals I have found that if we want to work out the best thing to do, a lot of lessons can come from animals. After all, humans are just a higher species of animals who can think and plan.

Take smacking as an example. If you have ever seen a pride of lions basking in the sun, contented after killing a Wildebeest for lunch and noted the cubs playing around their father who uses his paw to give them a light smack to request they desist biting his tail, you might note that a gentle smacking when children push to find out their limits in one direction might help, rather than hinder the child.

Too many people have been brought up with the belief that “it’s the government’s responsibility. It is time to learn how to support yourself and look after your well-being yourselves.

I had to pause writing at this point as my lunch was ready

We watch the news as we have lunch and I saw the terrible accident in an American desert truck race. People were standing close to the speeding trucks, one lost control and crashed into the crowd killing a handful and injuring dozens of others.

My wife said “They shouldn’t be allowed to stand so close”.

This did annoy me a little and I said “Why? Who is going to stop them, the Government? If they want to risk death by standing so close to the speeding trucks, and get the thrill of the race, why should anyone stop them? It is their responsibility

People have to learn to take responsibility for their actions

It is not up to a government to tell us what is for our own good.

We have to learn to run our own lives.


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