Hard times ahead.

Everyone with a garden in Britain during the second world war turned their gardens into small holdings for growing their vegetables. Save the extortionate costs of going to the Gym and work in your garden for exercise so you can save money.

Become a part time evening or week-end pamphleteer. The pay is lousy, but the exercise will also replace the costly Gym fees!

Search the Internet for war time menus, you’ll learn how to eat nutritionally, lose all that extra weight, and save money.

Why drink in the high price pubs? Try Wetherspoons, the same beer is almost half the price of many other chains. Or, better still, make one evening a week “party night” at one of your homes and buy your beer in from the Supermarket.

What I am trying to say here is, use your imagination so that, instead of just existing, you actually enjoy life, without having to spend a fortune.


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