We must look after our soldiers!

At last the Government are doing something for ex-servicemen and their dependants.

However, I have to declare I am definitely heavily biased on this subject!

The following shows basically, the difference between the Conservatives and the Socialists. When I was in the Army, Profumo was the Minister, and he did a cracking job of making sure our pay and equipment was the best. OK he was involved with Christine Keeler and Many Rice-Krispies as we called her at the time (Many Rice-Davies – I met her brother once at a computer exhibition.) But Profumo resigned immediately and worked in the East End with unfortunate children for the rest of his life – an honourable gentleman! No wonder we all thought he was the bees knees!

When a soldier leaves the army he will be screened for various mental health issues. I can hear a lot of older vets saying they’re wimps for needing this, but it’s not true. We older soldiers were made of sterner stuff, we grew up embrasing a little danger – pre the “elf and safe tea” generation. We were not molly-coddled as are the youth of today. These kids need all the help we can give them when they leave the armed forces.

Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, is also backdating some of the perks and benefits to soldiers who have left the service over the last twenty years. Let’s hope he doesn’t get shouted down by the Coalition.

The perks will include free bus and train travel for the first five years. This will certainly help them, not only relocate, but explore several areas before making their decision. Once they have decided where would be best for work, the Government will help with a subsidised mortgage. In addition, soldiers will also be eligible for grants towards studying at University.

Veterans will also be encouraged to retain as teachers, or to receive training in other areas. This is important as these guys have fought for our country – it is not important to start arguing whether we should have been in the two major conflicts – I personally have always subscribed to “If we weren’t over there bombing them, they wouldn’t be over here bombing us”, the important thing is, they went whereever their Government sent them to fight for our cause.

There are also plans being considered to help the families of serving soldiers in the front line. This has to be good news and these wives (and mothers) trying to bring up their offspring with the constant fear that they will never see their husband or father ever again must be a constant energy sapping experience. How can we begrudge them some help from the taxpayer? They are ours to nurture.

Initially, soldier who have served on the front line since 1990 will be eligible for help – however, this will only be an initial cost as, once these people have been helped, it will only be the recent veterans who will be eligible, it is thought that these could be as many as 70,000. However, a small catch, soldiers on reserve will be asked to increase the length of reserve. (The reserve is a list of soldiers who can be recalled for service.)

In addition, schools teaching the children of those serving will receive extra funding, This has to be a good thing as the schools run by Marxists do not welcome children from soldiers and it may be easier for parents identify schools who will welcome their children.

Children of those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan will receive free University education. This alone is worth a small fortune for the cash strapped families.

Ampers (Ex National Service and ex-Regular soldier)

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