Telephones just matured

There are some interesting videos describing the new Google offering at:

It is quite an amazing system but, alas, is not yet available in the United Kingdom. There are, no doubt, expensive costs and regulations to master before they can roll this out to other countries. I, personally, am hoping they roll this out to the UK as soon as possible.

It can do a number of things, but here are the things that will be useful to me. First of all, I would get my phone number from Google, an 020 number, although I would be able to get any exchange number in the UK.

Then I could direct all calls at certain times to either my home number, my work number or my cellphone at no cost.

If a message is left on the voicemail of any of the three numbers it would be sent to me as an email, which could be forwarded to my cellphone if I so wished.

I could leave different voicemail messages to different groups on my GMail contacts. So a worklike message could be given to my work contacts, and a relaxed message to my friends. I could leave a separate voicemail message to a single person. Imagine Jennifers face when she calls and hears: “Hi Jennifer, how are you?” a short gap and then “I’m not available right now but if you leave a message I promise I will ring you as soon as possible”.

SMS messages could be sent to me by email, I could reply on the email and the reply part would be sent back, also as an SMS messages at no charge.

Conference calls can easily be made, and it is a doddle to block callers!

Anyway, go watch the videos yourself and be patient.


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