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You don’t need a degree

This is addressed at alarmed parents and frustrated teenagers who worry about a University place in these trying times.

A visit to this website will show you that nine of the richest people in this world never went to University and the combined wealth of eight of them total over US$130 billion dollars. (The wealth of one of them, although in billions cannot be verified.)

Naturally only the very talented few make it to those dizzy hights but stories abound of how entrepreneurs make a very comfortable living.

The students who will go on to do well in life, even if they miss out on a University place, will be those who spent their school years soaking up the knowledge as they went along. In other words a dilligent school leaver has the ability to make good once they learn how the wicked world works.  Go out there, do anything to get work. If there really isn’t much, do something to help your local community whilst you are looking as a future employer will be more impressed with “Helping the local community doing xxx” rather than plain “unemployed” as this shows gumption and get-up-and-go.

When the Open University first started it was seen as a joke but nowadays employers look upon it as much more important than most standard degrees. It shows diligence and dedication, traits which will be an asset in any company. Especially as it takes six years at 10 hours a week. This is not for everyone, especially for the hedonistic. Go for it.

And for those who have decided that they want fun whilst they can enjoy it, the writer is over seventy and still has a most enjoyable life because he can afford it, because he concentrated on earning when he was young, and has had fifty years of enjoyment rather than just a few years at the beginning.

It’s up to you, you pays yer money and you takes yer choices…


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