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Rights and expectations from the State

Here is an excellent post by Old Holborn which I felt deserved a wider audience, a link to his website is below.

Rights and Expectations

from Old Holborn by Old Holborn
A socialist slave farm

One of the great tricks of the Soviets to keep their peoples enslaved was offer them jobs for life, housing for life, free education and standard medical care for life. All in exchange for their complete and utter obedience. Rock the boat and you’d suddenly find that University place for your child vanished. Criticise the regime and your job would never advance above steaming open envelopes. Question authority and bang went your papers that allowed you to visit a beach.

We’ve seen a serious attempt over the last 13 years by Labour to create an identical “client” state whereby the motto “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” has seen millions working for the State (some rewarded very handsomely indeed for their party loyalty), millions on benefits, millions receiving handouts, millions dependent on a “benevolent Regime” borrowing money from our grandchildren to secure votes for a party that saw the biggest erosion in individual freedom since the storming of the Winter Palace.

Even the Soviets, who had literally everything to lose finally decided that freedom was more important to them than any promise not to starve and some free coal, threw off the shackles of the Politburo and decided to take their chances with freedom, no matter where that lead. For most, it has proved an excellent choice. No more waiting 15 years and licking the Party’s arse for the chance to own a car. No more begging for the right to travel freely. Simply study and work and take the best paid job you can find.

Above the squeals from the socialists this morning, I discover that “mortgage interest” to the unemployed is to be cut from 6% to just under 4% and there is uproar. This is not social housing. This is housing that citizens have decided to purchase in the hope of making capital gains and retiring to a villa in Benidorm. And we’re paying for it, yet again. Never mind the scandal of “right to buy” which saw the feckless rewarded with hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer funded council house selling windfalls, enabling the South of Spain to become the new home to millions who would otherwise be facing the consequences of not bothering to work at school, piss their wages up the wall every week and spend 16 hours a day watching Jeremy Kyle.

Owning a property is not a human right. It is what you achieve by applying yourself, taking responsibility for your actions, making sacrifices and being ambitious to better yourself and take control of your finances and your life. Why the hell do the unemployed have the right for the taxpayer to fund their property ambitions? Will we share in the capital gains when it’s time to sell up and cash in? Will we hell. After a life of whizzing around on a mobility scooter and claiming every benefit known to man, they’ll be off to a well earned “retirement” using the capital acquired by the taxpayer being forced to fund their property empire.

“If we don’t, it’ll create homeless people” the socialists scream. Yes, it will. One more reason to pay attention at school, learn a trade or a skill and save a bit of money instead of buying 42″ TVs and big bore exhausts. One more reason to limit your reproduction until YOU can actually afford it. One more reason not to shack up with the first Somali asylum seeker who asks you in broken English if you want “jiggy jiggy. Get council flat, innit”. One more reason to build a stable family that you can rely on in hard times.

It may be your expectation thanks to 13 years of bankrupting Labour socialist hell that someone else will always pick up the bill for your actions but it is a long way from being your right. Get used to it. There’s going to lots more screaming before this spoilt baby is weaned from the tit of the State. If we want a small state and small government then we will have to learn to prise our hands out of it’s all powerful grip. All of us

Old Holborn

You can read the comments from his actual blog website, and Old Holborns home page has a wealth of interesting articles.


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