Do we have a left-wing Media?

Put it this way, look at the following and imagine the outcry if the Tories published this as a poster?

Ed Miliband Oy Vey

A reconstruction of an official Labour poster shown below

Should any Labour supporter stumble upon my blog (Heaven Forbid, for their sake) there is a precedent for this which was started by the socialists.

And if any Jew is upset by this, I sincerely apologise, but I am making a point and the point has nothing to do with your religion. It will become clear further below.

The last and, I think, the only Jewish leader of a political party was Michael Howard of whom, Anne Widdecombe said “there is something of the night about him“. Some people think Disraeli was a Jewish leader and Prime Minister but this is not true, he was a Christian, having converted at around the age of thirteen.

Anyway, here is the original socialist poster which was not commented upon by the left-wing media.

Michael Howard Oy Vey

The original official Labour poster.

Exercise for today:

If the first poster of Ed Millipede was published by the Tory Party, what sort of reaction would we expect to see by the media, especially the BBC?


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