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It’s time for the workers to unite

I am referring to the real workers, not the Public Sector or those working for powerful Unions who use their muscle to ensure their workers get the highest salaries for the least amount of effort! Before a union man objects, note the word I have emboldened!

The following blog with a few corrections – we try to avoid bad language here – is from Old Holborn and the original can be seen on his blog.

Now that the Berlin Wall of thirteen years of “progressive” Socialist policies has been cast aside, we can see the real damage. One in five households totally dependent on Welfare benefits, nine million economically inactive, one on four jobs working for the State in Northern Ireland (in Northern hell holes like Middlesborough it’s almost half), 7 million State employees, over £4,000,000,000 (trillion) in debt and still printing worthless money.
Great swathes of the UK are literally leeching off the remaining fourteen million of us who work in the private sector and with no manufacturing industry left, there is little hope of us exporting anything to bring in the much needed funds.

Unlike the Germans, our work and family ethics no longer exist, stamped on by Politicians happily telling us they knew best and having a job and knowing at least the name of the father of your baby was not important. There is no healthy sector to support the rebuilding of a ruined country. We can’t rely on smart entrepreneurial kids to find the solution because our education system doesn’t produce them any more in case a Somali immigrant child is offended by not obtaining 13 GCSE’s after arriving in the back of lorry at Dover. Nobody has any capital to start a business any more as it all got spent in taxes or hot tubs to impress the neighbours. Our work force is lazy and “entitlements” addicted, employing anyone is now so dangerous to any fledgling business that it’s easier just not to bother. Our high streets are decimated by two supermarkets on the outskirts of every village whilst our farmers reclaim your tax money from Brussels by agreeing not to grow anything. Meanwhile, 747’s full of Kenyan green beans or Israeli coriander leaves pour into our airports and we spend billions trying to teach tribal Muslim fanatics not to be tribal Muslim fanatics by shooting their children in Afghanistan!

There is only one thing we can do. Reduce the size of the State. We cannot support it any more. It is a luxury we cannot afford. The “right” to sit at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle, introduced in 1998 must be revoked. The “right” to demand cash for being overweight, cash for being “vulnerable”, cash for breeding, cash for moving about, cash for a nice house, cash for a TV and cash for not being married has to stop. Government departments that shuffle endless bits of paper around whilst topping up the pensions of millions of otherwise unemployable people have to go. Diversity coordinators, Civil enforcement wardens, heritage wardens – all of them utterly useless and unfit for purpose, created merely to police equally ridiculous and pointless legislation need to go.

And finally, our 650 MPs need to stop. Just stop. Take the next five years off, stop fiddling, tweeking, adjusting and legislating. Just leave us alone and with some hard work, we’ll fix it. We will, not you. You’re the blighters who took this nation to the level of an ex socialist republic (East Germany), you are not to be trusted ever again. Keep your pretty little jobs in Parliament, keep your pensions and expenses, just stay off the damn radio and TV, stay out of the papers and stop your ruinous meddling with every single aspect of our simple little lives. I’m sick of your soundbites, your policy proposals, your think tanks, your laws and your ever increasing demands for money and taxes.

I have to admit, I think this will strike a cord with everyone working in the private sector, but will probably be hated by anyone on benefits or working for the public sector.


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The Cycle Scheme’s fuss seems to have died?

When Boris Johnson’s cycle scheme was first announced he was condemned by the left as being off his rocker thinking such a scheme could work in London. When he had his first hiccup the usual suspects were interviewed and given far more air time than Boris on the BBC to declare “I told you so”. . How strange!

I have put some figures below that indicate that it has been quite a success and the silence from the left is deafening.

Now, as my readers know, I would never vote for the Tory, Labour or LibDem  traitors (to this country) but I do believe in giving credit where it is due. Well done Boris.

350,000 journeys made on Boris Johnson’s cycle scheme in its first month. Now around 17,000  journeys a day are now being made on these bikes.

In the month since the launch of London’s brand new public transport system, almost 70,000 people have signed up as members of the Mayor’s scheme, making more than 350,000 journeys between them.

There are now 335 cycle hire locations in central London, 20 more than when the scheme launched on 30 July.

Construction is set to start on around new four docking stations every week from early September, and all 400 stations that make up Phase One of the cycle hire scheme should be fully operational by the end of the year.

17,000 journeys are already being made every weekday despite the system currently being available to members only.

This is expected to rise significantly with the roll-out of the scheme to casual users by the end of this year. The significant existing demand for the scheme means that the Mayor and TfL want to ensure the operating and distribution systems are as robust as possible before rolling it out further.

The moral of this story is, whatever your politics, don’t pay too much attention to the armchair experts wheeled in to pollute our atmosphere with lots of hot smelly air. Smelly because of the orifice used to espouse their cause.


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