Pledges and Coalitions

What amuses me is the lack of intelligence everyone is showing about their knowledge of how a coalition works. I don’t need to spell it out to my readers as they are much too intelligent not to realise.

However, if a politician is reading this, then you should understand that the Government in power is not a Conservative Government and it is not a LibDem Government. So the pledges these parties have no more importance than the pledges the Labour Party, UKIP or the Greens made.

It is a Coalition Government and the only pledges that we should be concerned with are the pledges that were made jointly by the Conservatives and the LibDems before the election and, quite naturally, there were none.

Of course, amongst the horse trading afterwards, each party will have to trade a pledge against another between the parties. So realistically, each party will have to give up on half of their pledges.

It is remarkable how unintelligent the MPs and the Lords seem to be on this matter in any party. Perhaps it is because we have not had a coalition since WWII.


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