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Jon Snow of Channel Four

This has been taken from Jon’s blog at C4:

Israel spends £9 billion annually on procurement and has a staff of 400 people to do it.
Britain spends £10 billion annually on procurement and has a staff of 23,700 people to do it.

The full blog can be read here.




SWWLTBO (She who would like to be obeyed)

My better half is an intelligent woman, from a professional middle class family, but after we were married, I noticed that she, like most people, thought the BBC was an honest impartial broadcaster.

No, this doesn’t make her stupid. Unless people question everything they see and hear, one tends to take many things for granted.

It was only when I started pointing out the obvious imbalance of their reporting and their programmes, that she twigged, and can spot bias even faster than I can! (I did say she was intelligent.)

The latest bug-word the BBC and the luvvies of the left have latched onto is “fair”.

We must be fair to the work-shy who have been milking the poor tax-payer for years. We must be fair and pay layabouts to live in nicer areas. The people who produce must pay some of their hard earned money to the work-shy who sit on their backsides all day watching TV and drinking their lager.

My blog below says all there needs to be known about being fair!


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