Chinless Wonders

I am referring, of course, to the Aristocracy. However, I do not share the contempt of the masses for these people.

First of all, the British Empire was built by these people commanding our ”masses”, and there weren’t so many of them in those days. Then, they commanded the the navy and army which, in the past as now, were highly successful. OK, there have been some “interesting” cases but these were few.

I think a lot of the aristocratic war heroes of the past were created because the younger aristocrats did seem to have a death wish, pursuing dangerous acts which would never now be allowed under “Elf ‘n’ safe tea”.

But in reality, I think the Aristocrats care much more for our country and heritage than the majority of the rest of us. They are also more courageous than many which, in government, means they will be more willing to bite the bullet to get things right.

Alan Johnson, the shadow chancellor was disingenuous when he accused the government of being happy to create misery for others and as such, should be rebuked. He seems to be no better than any of the discredited people on the Labour front bench. Yes, the Conservatives cheered all right. But they were cheering because Osborne was “biting the bullet” and putting things right.

You only have to look at my post below to realise that something drastic needs to be done!


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