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Nigel, UKIP still has my vote.

Nothing more to say!


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Professor who?

According to an economist who has won a Nobel prize recently, we have no debt crises in this country, and Osborne is using it as a false excude to make his spending cuts.

First of all, most of these prizes are dolled out for political reasons (usually with a small p) so it is best not to take too much notice of what they use as the criteria for their awards. I mention just two awards in Britain that are very political as an example: the Turner Prize and the Booker Prize to illustrate my views! Enough said!

And where could this illustrious professor place his article? In a learned journal? No! In one fo the so called broadsheet newspapers? No. It was in the trashy Daily Mirror that leans over to be a Labour newspaper so much even hardy left-wingers get a little embarrassed reading it.

And, it is a well established fact, that if you get three economists together you will have three opposing views and three totally different opinions.

I could Google this professors name for you I suppose, but quite honestly, I don’t think he is that important.


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