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Daniel Hannan’s letter of warning to America

This is an interview by the Hoover Institution with Daniel Hannan in America about his new book “A new road to serfdom (subtitled: A letter of warning to America” Forgetting politics for a minute, this is one of the best interviews I have ever seen. It is quiet, gentlemanly, and friendly. But, a little warning, don’t look at this until you have thirty-five minutes to spare, it is a long interview and you really won’t want to stop. When you have seen this you may well agree with my feelings that it is no wonder that David Cameron has sidelined this extremely intelligent and informed young man to the EU. He would fear him too much if he were in the British Parliament!

He is not of my party but I am always willing to give credit where it is due.



Nigel Farage tells them!

Nigel Farage throws egg into the faces of the bureaucrats in Brussels in an excellent speech but the real joy is to see the despondency in the faces of the other MEPs.

Well done Nigel.

It’s a funny old world, over the last twenty years I have joined UKIP four times and resigned three times. One of the times I resigned was because of Nigel, and the last time I joined was because of Nigel! He is an excellent speaker and his voice has just that amount of harshness to remind people of how angry he is with the EU. However, I would be more happy if there was a rule that only one MEP should be permitted to sit on the Party’s NEC (top table).



Students: How dare they!

I am absolutely livid.

How dare these students expect me, as a tax-payer, to contribute towards their education.

Because of my upbringing I had to leave school at under fifteen and work in the wide hard world to earn enough to keep body and soul together. I didn’t have the luxury of adolescence as if I had “put on teenage airs and graces” I would have been fired and on the dole. I have never, in my life, been on the dole.

Why should I subsidise students education?

And the argument that we need better educated people to run companies and run the country won’t wash. Other countries that don’t subsidise education have well-educated people, and these have had to pay for their degrees as they go along. Not have the cushy situation where they don’t pay a penny until they earn over £21,000 a year.

I will be thrilled to see that potential murderer (with the fire extinguisher) go to prison. Buy, will he have a hard time with that baby face. And there is no point going for a degree now as he’d never get a decent job with a prison record. Great!

I would be a lot more sympathetic to their cause if it wasn’t my taxes paying for the education. But it is, and I’m not!


Note: Just noticed a group on TV with a placard saying Liberal Democrats keep your promise. This shows how unintelligent our students really are. They don’t even realise that Liberal Democrats don’t run the country. We really have to have better teachers as the present intake aren’t really good at educating our offspring.

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Be frightened, be very frightened

After watching this video you must ask yourself why this wasn’t on the BBC or ITV news but was on Fox News in the USA (and Russian TV)

You need to be frightened, not of the demonstrators, but our masters who tried to hide this from you.

Another question is, should the police be allowed to shoot to kill if they are attacked by these mobs?


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The Euro and the P.I.G.S.

Gerald Celente formed and directs “The Trends Research Institute”, he is the author of “Trends 2000” and “Trend Tracking” (Warner Books), and also publishes “The Trends Journal”. He has been a trends forecaster for thirty years now.

Don’t mind the American accent, listen carefully to the words.


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Understanding the Irish monetary problem

This video gives an interesting insight of the Irish dilemma between 0:37 and 4:10. The whole video is worth watching but if you are short of time, the above start and end times will be the most useful. But you won’t see Nigel Farage.


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Financial background of Nigel Farage

Two parts of this video are quite interesting.

The first two minutes is where Nigel Farage gives is business background and what really upset him about the EU. The second part which is worth watching is from 9:15 onwards (right at the end).


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