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Daniel Hannan’s letter of warning to America

This is an interview by the Hoover Institution with Daniel Hannan in America about his new book “A new road to serfdom (subtitled: A letter of warning to America” Forgetting politics for a minute, this is one of the best interviews I have ever seen. It is quiet, gentlemanly, and friendly. But, a little warning, don’t look at this until you have thirty-five minutes to spare, it is a long interview and you really won’t want to stop. When you have seen this you may well agree with my feelings that it is no wonder that David Cameron has sidelined this extremely intelligent and informed young man to the EU. He would fear him too much if he were in the British Parliament!

He is not of my party but I am always willing to give credit where it is due.



Nigel Farage tells them!

Nigel Farage throws egg into the faces of the bureaucrats in Brussels in an excellent speech but the real joy is to see the despondency in the faces of the other MEPs.

Well done Nigel.

It’s a funny old world, over the last twenty years I have joined UKIP four times and resigned three times. One of the times I resigned was because of Nigel, and the last time I joined was because of Nigel! He is an excellent speaker and his voice has just that amount of harshness to remind people of how angry he is with the EU. However, I would be more happy if there was a rule that only one MEP should be permitted to sit on the Party’s NEC (top table).



Students: How dare they!

I am absolutely livid.

How dare these students expect me, as a tax-payer, to contribute towards their education.

Because of my upbringing I had to leave school at under fifteen and work in the wide hard world to earn enough to keep body and soul together. I didn’t have the luxury of adolescence as if I had “put on teenage airs and graces” I would have been fired and on the dole. I have never, in my life, been on the dole.

Why should I subsidise students education?

And the argument that we need better educated people to run companies and run the country won’t wash. Other countries that don’t subsidise education have well-educated people, and these have had to pay for their degrees as they go along. Not have the cushy situation where they don’t pay a penny until they earn over £21,000 a year.

I will be thrilled to see that potential murderer (with the fire extinguisher) go to prison. Buy, will he have a hard time with that baby face. And there is no point going for a degree now as he’d never get a decent job with a prison record. Great!

I would be a lot more sympathetic to their cause if it wasn’t my taxes paying for the education. But it is, and I’m not!


Note: Just noticed a group on TV with a placard saying Liberal Democrats keep your promise. This shows how unintelligent our students really are. They don’t even realise that Liberal Democrats don’t run the country. We really have to have better teachers as the present intake aren’t really good at educating our offspring.

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Be frightened, be very frightened

After watching this video you must ask yourself why this wasn’t on the BBC or ITV news but was on Fox News in the USA (and Russian TV)

You need to be frightened, not of the demonstrators, but our masters who tried to hide this from you.

Another question is, should the police be allowed to shoot to kill if they are attacked by these mobs?


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The Euro and the P.I.G.S.

Gerald Celente formed and directs “The Trends Research Institute”, he is the author of “Trends 2000” and “Trend Tracking” (Warner Books), and also publishes “The Trends Journal”. He has been a trends forecaster for thirty years now.

Don’t mind the American accent, listen carefully to the words.


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Understanding the Irish monetary problem

This video gives an interesting insight of the Irish dilemma between 0:37 and 4:10. The whole video is worth watching but if you are short of time, the above start and end times will be the most useful. But you won’t see Nigel Farage.


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Financial background of Nigel Farage

Two parts of this video are quite interesting.

The first two minutes is where Nigel Farage gives is business background and what really upset him about the EU. The second part which is worth watching is from 9:15 onwards (right at the end).


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What’s our opinion of Somalians?

Before you reach any conclusions, read this snippit I found in today’s electronic telegraph.

A rap video put together by Somalis living in London raised as much as £150,000 to contribute towards the ransom of Paul and Rachel Chandler.

It is so easy to allow our prejudices to take over when we are angry.


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Our £4.8 TRILLION debt.

I watched the hour and a half programme, mentioned in the blog below, and have to admit, if I weren’t a pensioner, or if I had brought children into this world, I would have been a lot more horrified and frightened than I am.

On reflection, a lot of people deserve this. I am not referring to voters of any one party as such. I am referring to people who do not take an interest in politics and vote the way their parents voted or their parents before them. These people are really to blame even more than the politicians for the disastrous state the country is now in. My message here is, if you don’t take an interest in politics, you should first blame yourself before you blame others.

The state the country is in is so terrible that it will probably take a dozen generations to repay all the money. 28% of Communist China is the State, 53% of the UK is the State. Bearing in mind that Britain is becoming as oppressive as East Germany was and that, in percentage terms, the State in the UK is twice the size of the State in China, it is no wonder that we are so poor and debt ridden.

The banks cannot be blamed for this.

Yes, the banks cost us dearly, but set against 4.8 trillion pounds, their debt as a drop in the ocean compared with our National Debt. The bank rate is 0.5% per annum, just at this terribly low bank rate, the annual interest on £4.8T is £24 Billion pounds a year, or two billion a month, and that is without repaying any of the capital.

Finally, everybody’s savings are being devalued every day the Bank of England indulge in Quantitative Easing.  QE is just another way of printing more money that we have assets for. This means your pound devalues.

Let’s look at it in simple terms. A small island with fifty people have their own currency. The island has assets worth a million pounds, so the government print out a million pounds of notes and coinage. Then the government decides on Quantitative Easing and prints a further million pounds of notes with no assets to back the currency up with. Where as a note worth £1 was worth £1 we now have a situation that there are £2 million of currency around but only one million pounds worth of assets. So your £1 note in your pocket can only be worth 50p.

So you have been robbed of 50p for every pound you own. The Government has cheated on you and stolen your savings.

It really is as simple as that.


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Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story – This is on tonight, Thursday 11th November,

This is on tonight (Thursday 11th November) on Channel 4.

Channel 4’s film explains the full extent of the financial mess this country is in –

With an estimated £4.8 trillion of national debt and counting.

It argues that the recent spending review hasn’t gone far enough, and to put Britain back on track we need to radically rethink the role of the state, stop politicians spending money in our name, and drastically lower taxes to make Britain’s economy grow again.

Well woth a view tonight (11/11/10).


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A new and useful alternative to body scanners at airports

Sometimes a little humour brightens up the day!

The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at the airports.

It’s a booth you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. They see this as a win-win for everyone, with completely eliminating racial profiling and body scanning.

It also would save the costs of a long and expensive trial.  Justice would be swift. Case closed!

For example, imagine you’re in the Tel-Aviv airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion.

Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system . . .

“Attention standby passengers — we now have a seat available on flight number XXXX. Shalom!”

Under Britain’s Health and Safety rules, I guess we’d have to have notices warning passengers of the dangers of slipping on the blood on the floor.

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Margaret Thatcher’s Poll Tax

The Poll Tax would have charged everyone the same tax in an area no matter what their wealth was. Where this fell down is the council would decide how much they needed to run the council for the following year, and payments would be spread equally amongst people out of work and multi millionaires. It had to be tweaked drastically before it would be acceptable to the general public, but the Government were determined to bring it in. And, they did.

Under the guise of the Council Tax The council still work out how much they need to run the council for the following year. Only now, instead of dividing the cost amongst the number of people (the poll tax) they divide the amount by the number of properties in the area. (poll tax version two).

This has enabled them to put all the properties into different bands and charge different amounts for each band. This is still not really fair (a couple of pensioners in their nineties and a state pension who inherited their home fifty years ago, in the same band as a Union Leader or BBC Director, earning hundreds of thousands a year, next door. But it is still a lot fairer than the original model).

However, what I would like to know, and I would welcome any comment on this, is Were the Conservative government going to instate the Poll Tax in its original bad format, or were they going to tweak it to make it fairer. What I do not want to see under the comments is “they were going to tweak it” or “they were not going to tweak it” as these comments on their own won’t be worth the electons they are written on. I am asking for answers with some sort of proof of your conclusions. I have searched the Net using Google and cannot find anything on this part of the subject, plenty of other information.

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The European Union

Before I get into my article I would like to reassure my readers that I love Europe and nowadays, since I refuse to subject myself to the indignities of flying, have discovered that most European cities are far more beautiful and interesting than our own cities.

The next thing I aim to reassure people is that, with regards to the European undemocratic Parliament, I am not a Euro-sceptic. The term Euro-sceptic suggests that one is not sure. I am sure, I hate it and fear the harm it is doing to these islands. So the correct term for me would be Euro-phobic. And, I am intensely proud of being Euro-phobic.


In an earlier life I was a salesman and then sale manager. I then became the sales and marketing manager for a large company running a team of twenty-seven. One of the basic differences between an ordinary salesman and a star player is that the former would sell features, whilst the more successful salesman would sell benefits.

Let me explain: This gizmo has a pretty design, it has seven different buttons along the top that will do this, this, this… This is selling features.

Or, you would say to your customer, if you have one of these in your office it will improve productivity, allow your staff to increase efficiency, and they will admire your decision. This would be selling benefits.

It does no harm to imagine that your customer is very selfish and just wants to know “what is in it for him”. Many of them are! Appeal to his head, by stressing money saved and appeal to his heart by stressing the staff will look up to him.

The anti-EU movement

I think that one of the major reasons why the anti-EU movement has a spectacular non-success is that they continue to sell features to the general public.

The evil EU {feature} Costing x millions a day {feature} Britain losing its sovereignty {feature}.

Did you know it would be easy to reduce income and corporation tax by 25% without harming any of our other areas of national expenditure?” {benefit}

We could reduce all the present cuts by a third, and still be able to afford to build new schools, hospitals and increase police and military spending! {benefit}

The above are just a few examples to illustrate the difference of selling benefits to selling features.

The British are not like the French or Germans, we don’t riot in the streets, except when the loony left did in the eighties against the Poll (Community Charge) Tax which, incidentally, would have been a lot fairer than Council Tax if carried out properly! But that’s earmarked for a separate blog.

The entire anti-EU movement needs to reconsider its arguments and perhaps make an effort to recruit a sales director onto their governing boards to advice in this area. Then we will see movement, as all the “concerned citizens” are interested in, is the taxes they pay, the police’s success in their locality, the condition of their local hospital and the choices of schools available in their area.

The UK Independence Party, at election time, should concentrate on the above issues and work their manifesto claims on the UK finances available bearing in mind that the money would no longer be going to the EU. And, there would be no need to spell this out in the manifesto as you would already have said you’d be taking us all out. Features should be out and benefits should be the order of the day.

One of the successful ways of combining features with benefits (it can be done) is to use three powerful words which means you can combine without appearing condescending. the three words are which means that..., for example,  Britain is losing its sovereignty, which means that other EU countries can extradite people in Britain for a crime which breaks their countries laws but is not against the law in Britain, and have done so recently without going to court – just by informing the local police to arrest them and send them to the said EU country.

There is an old saying: “Do the same and you will continue to get the same.”

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Flying tonight!

I came across the following today on the Big Brother Watch website and it reminded me of a decision my wife and I took when all this airport security started.

You can see my write-up of an incident at Stansted involving a BBW supporter here. She has had both her hips replaced and when going through airport security she was taken off to a room and made to undress to show her operation scars to prove that she had had the surgery claimed.

We had problems flying soon after 9/11 with pathetic over reactions by Heathrow airport and a passenger who objected (gently) had one very tall checker, towering above him, shouting that if he gave any trouble he would be taken off the queue and locked in a room until the plane had taken off.

That, dear reader, was the last time my wife and I have every flown anywhere. We used to spend our annual holidays alternate years in South Africa, and alternate years to other far away places.

Now we refuse to even go to an airport, let alone fly.

We have discovered Western Europe, and I have found out that cruises, now that I am in my seventies, aren’t as bad as they seemed to be when I was much younger.

To help stretch our money, every other year we have just a four day holiday in Western Europe by Eurostar and are looking forward to these fast journeys from Kings Cross/St Pancras stretching, next year to Holland and the year after to Germany. On alternate years we will take a cruise, there are so many to choose from. And you can get good deals if you leave it to the last week before sailing to purchase. Now that we are retired, we can afford to do this.

Now, what do you think the Government and Airlines would arrange, collectively between them, with regards to treatment of air passenger, if all holiday passengers stopped flying? If the only passengers the airlines got were business passengers? What if these business people started to use video conferencing instead of flying?

A couple of years ago I was at a simultaneous press conference at Cisco in West London, with their Paris office. The video conferencing facilities for the two groups of about twenty journalists was excellent, and executives were talking to us from both offices. It was a truly amazing experience.

In fact, on top of all this, I read about higher costs of aviation kerosene, higher airport and flying taxes and laugh, knowing they don’t and will never apply to me.


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Public Service Announcement

The following came to me as editor of our local community newspaper, and although it is not something we publish, I thought it deserved a wide airing

Fear of driving

An increasing number of people are afraid on our roads. MAD- or motorway Anxiety disorder affects millions of drivers- mainly women, but over 12 per cent of the general population admit to ‘extremely anxious’ symptoms when driving.. including excessive sweating, headaches and stomach pains.

The highest levels of anxiety can be found in younger and older female drivers…with not surprisingly, the lowest being in male professional drivers.

There are many causes of driving anxiety, from witnessing or being in an accident, to an unexplained panic attack. The latter can be the most insidious. Pat reports how she had a panic attack on the M24 – a road she knew well. Now the fear it may happen again has stayed with her, so she now avoids driving. She’s in a vicious circle of avoidant behavior which will just make her feel even more incapable- and dangerous on the road.

Lack of practice often undermines a drivers confidence. After recovering from a long term illness, Alf found that his belief in his ability to judge speed and distance was badly affected. Only when he went for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy did he unpack the sense of his own mortality and the fear his illness had left him with.

An independent television production company called Matchlight (whose team have been responsible for productions like Stephen Fry’s series on manic depression and the recent John Humphry’s documentary on education)  are tackling this issue in conjunction with the Automobile Association. In a major new series they are going to be exploring how people lose their confidence, and follow the stories of those battling to get back behind the wheel.  It’s not just going to be about phobias- there are many reasons for being out of practice and losing confidence- being ill, not having been able to afford a car, a spell in prison, having been abroad for a long time are only a few reasons.

If you are one of the many drivers in the country getting more afraid of driving and you would like to talk about taking part, call the development producer Anne Buckland at 0141 332 0319 or e-mail her before 20th November 2010.

Personally, I am of the opinion that many drivers need extra training and as Tesco keeps telling me, “every little helps”.


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Prostitution and Politics…

Ronald Reagan once said…

“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realise that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”

The is one of my favourite Reagan quotes…


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The BBC and the noisy left minority

First of all, I am referring to England and not the whole of the United Kingdom.

Most English constituencies are Conservative but listening to the BBC you would well be under the impression that this was a Socialist dominated country. The only reason Labour actually get in isn’t because of the few strongholds in the North of England, it is because of the massive Labour voters in Scotland and Wales.

And, for the sake of argument, let’s say that Baroness Margaret Thatcher is the most hated doyen of the Left. God, don’t they make a lot of noise about her. Any stranger to our shores might be excused for thinking she is the most hated person in Britain.

But is she?

A recent YouGov poll of 2018 people (most of their polls are only 1024 people, so this was a much more accurate sample) conducted a poll to find who was the most influential woman in the world.

People in the survey included Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey and Kate Moss. (Kate came last with less than 1%).

However, the winner, with over 32% of the vote was Lady Margaret Thatcher, higher even than Mother Teresa.

Almost two-thirds said commitment was a vital trait, but hard work, intelligence and independence were also important considerations for this poll.

So, next time you hear some insignificant leftie, such as the Harriets of this world, scream that Thatcher was evil, recall this survey and just quietly go about your business, knowing the truth.


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