Students: How dare they!

I am absolutely livid.

How dare these students expect me, as a tax-payer, to contribute towards their education.

Because of my upbringing I had to leave school at under fifteen and work in the wide hard world to earn enough to keep body and soul together. I didn’t have the luxury of adolescence as if I had “put on teenage airs and graces” I would have been fired and on the dole. I have never, in my life, been on the dole.

Why should I subsidise students education?

And the argument that we need better educated people to run companies and run the country won’t wash. Other countries that don’t subsidise education have well-educated people, and these have had to pay for their degrees as they go along. Not have the cushy situation where they don’t pay a penny until they earn over £21,000 a year.

I will be thrilled to see that potential murderer (with the fire extinguisher) go to prison. Buy, will he have a hard time with that baby face. And there is no point going for a degree now as he’d never get a decent job with a prison record. Great!

I would be a lot more sympathetic to their cause if it wasn’t my taxes paying for the education. But it is, and I’m not!


Note: Just noticed a group on TV with a placard saying Liberal Democrats keep your promise. This shows how unintelligent our students really are. They don’t even realise that Liberal Democrats don’t run the country. We really have to have better teachers as the present intake aren’t really good at educating our offspring.

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