New police commissioners to cost £130 million to set up

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor Daily Telegraph  9:22AM GMT 02 Dec 2010

Theresa May’s police and crime commissioners will cost the taxpayer up to £130 million to set up and run, the Home Office admitted yesterday.

The full article can be read here.

The problem with Government is that they always get (self-)important people to run various set-ups, rather than just plain efficient executives.

First of all, the weakness here is to have an elected official and a chief constable! Why not just have the chief constable elected? Why duplicate, the Sheriff system works well in the USA and is not politicised. It is madness having two positions for what is essentially one job. Secondly, because of a two tier system, it will be politicised which will mean the chief constables will obey the party rather than look after the interests of the voter. Thirdly, we vote out the politicised police leader and put another in, and still have the same chief constable (sheriff) I can just imagine the howls if they did that in the USA!

To my way of thinking, to save time and money, and give more time to make sure this is set up properly, I would invite “sitting” Chief Constables to change their job positions to that as elected Chief Constables. Then we could do this immediately and set the date of the first elections to go ahead in 2015. The present Chief Constables would only have to defend their positions from now.

Politicians just cannot get “top heavy” out of their system, can they?


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