U-Turns and the Government

Why do politicians regard making a U-turn a crime?

And why, when a Government changes its mind, do newspapers blazon Government U-Turn across their front papers?

The answer to the former question is, in fact, the latter question (as an answer).

The answer to the latter question is that they want to sell more newspapers.

But, dear reader, I’d like to offer a different interpretation.

In my book, the more U-turns a Government make the better. I see this as an indication that Government knows it can’t always get things right first time and when they are informed of the consequences of their proposed actions they have the ability to take stock and rethink their strategies.

To paraphrase Labours old saying, this is Joined-up Government. Or better still Grown up Government.

So next time you see Government U-turn blazoned across a newspaper’s front page, you should think “Good, they are listening to us”.


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