Did Enoch really say “Rivers of Blood”?

This has been taken from  the “Working Class Tory” website and you can read the rest of it here.

Interview with a Heff

Triffic interview with the Telegraph’s Simon Heffer in Total Politics magazine. Some highlights:

Enoch [Powell] said nearly 40 years ago, you can’t have a single currency without having a single economic policy and a single finance minister. Enoch was right about that. Enoch was right about monetarism in my view. He said that you only get a period of mass inflation when you have a government that prints money. Enoch was the trade unionists’ friend in the 1960s and 70s. He said there’s no point in blaming the trade unions for inflation because they ask for high pay rises. Those rises can only be funded if there is money in the economy to fund them, and that was down to the government. He was right about that.
Of course, the really contentious issue with Enoch was immigration, or what his detractors call race. Enoch never made a speech about race. All Enoch speeches that people think are about race, like the so-called ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, are about immigration. I know very well that he wasn’t a racist, and so did people like Michael Foot and Tony Benn, both great friends of his. He wasn’t a racist. He wanted to spend the rest of his life in India, and probably would have done so, had it not become independent. He had a love of Indian people, of Indian culture. He didn’t make judgements about people, he was too intelligent. He didn’t make judgements about people because of their race. And what those speeches said was we are a small island, we have a largely indigenous population, and if we start piling in people from a very different culture in small parts of that small island then there are going to be problems. And we have them now.
Enoch argued very strongly against what is now called a multicultural society. He wanted people who came here to integrate. And he argued that if you bring in such large numbers of people that integration is impossible. There is going to be a problem. I am very depressed that every time a Conservative mentions the two words, Enoch Powell, he or she is either removed from any job that he or she might have, sacked as a candidate as that poor man in the Midlands was before the election – Nigel Hastilow – or forced to issue a grovelling apology. Perhaps even all three. You can’t mention the words Enoch Powell without everyone thinking that you are about to open a new version of Auschwitz somewhere.
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