Today is Christmas

For the Christian Religion, today is the day of peace, celebrating the Son of God. As a Deist I don’t agree with the religious aspects but I love to listen to King’s College Carols and agree with the sentiments of peace.

Peace means tolerance, I know only too well that this can be difficult, especially when one is thrown into a room with all one’s family and other relatives but we owe it to our host, and the cook, and all those who genuinely want to be friendly to make the most of the day. We also have a responsibility to those who still harp on bitter memories, to help them gain peace, even if only for this occasion.

A merry Christmas to all my readers. I do know that even if this offends our thought police, other religions, including Jewish and Muslims, do not become offended by this, and to them I say, enjoy this forced break and make the most of it. We’ll all be back on the grindstone in January!

See you all on Amazon tomorrow!


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