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The sad thing about the Big Society

What really saddens me is that we have had to have the Prime Minister remind us of what living in the world is all about. Where I come from, in Africa, they understand what it is about, they even have a word for it, “Ubuntu” and I am not talking about the Linux software!

But I don’t blame the people over here for this, it is not their fault. It is the fault of various politicians of either party since 1945 who have built into our psyche that the State will look after us from the cradle to the grave.

The Big Society has not been invented by David Cameron! It was around long before the second world war. It is practiced in some parts now such as the military, and until twenty years ago very much in the East End.

It is about small things that make a difference. Helping a neighbour who is ill with their shopping, saying good morning to an elderly person who lives alone and smiling at them. joining a club to get to know your neighbours better. helping a local charity group. Clubbing together to protest at a council injustice. All these little things help grow a community.

Naturally the socialists rubbish the notion of the Big Society, and it isn’t just because it was the Conservatives idea. The whole idea of the big society is against everything they belive in. Their whole philosophy is that the state rules all. Everyone has to be dependent on the sate as, the more people who are, the more votes tend to go to Labour. If everyone learned to do everything for themselves, and to work instead of being on benefits, the Labour vote would deteriorate very quickly and they would never get in to rule the country again.

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