Britain, crime and the law

The following was written by Working Class Tory and was nicked from his blog – but I know he won’t mind as long as I have acknowledged the author and given a link to his website! This, in turn, was nicked from the National Review On Line, but like my blog, full acknowledgements have been given. When something is good and of great interest, it moves around!

Britain has the highest crime rate in Western Europe, despite having a third of all the closed-circuit television cameras in the world to oversee the population, and despite having more or less abandoned a suspect’s right to silence.

There are whole areas of the country in which the weight of the state in the economy is not far short of that of the state in Soviet Russia.

Thanks to state-sponsored social pathology, more than a third of the population is entirely dependent on the state for its livelihood, and would starve without it.

The last government created a new criminal offense every working day for ten years, such that no citizen can possibly know what is legal and what is not.

Arbitrary and constantly changing regulation makes life a nightmare for anyone running a business or a service.

While expenditure on education doubled between 2000 and 2007, the proportion of British children learning a foreign language declined by 75 percent.

In short, the British state is a swamp of corruption, all the worse for being more intellectual and moral than straightforwardly financial.

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