The left, and right, are getting into a real tizzy over the NHS, there is an answer…

Everyone is asking the wrong questions.

The right questions are:

1. Is the NHS working?
2. is it working to the best of its capacity?

We really need to answer these questions, not just of the NHS as a whole, but of each section or department.

Once we have these answers, and only when we have these answers, can we decide how, with the same money, whether we can improve it.

It is not enough for the Conservatives to say, “Yes, we have already asked these questions.” They must prove it to us by itemising each department and not only giving the answers to the above questions in relation to each of the departments, but list what they are doing in each department to improve matters, and by what yardstick they intend to be judged at the next election on each department.

But Governments, whether the Coalistion or Labour, hate (a) explaning too much to the general public, and (b) hate giving any sort of yardstick with which to be judged.

They say the people get the Government they deserve. (Yes, the Libyan’s did nothing about Gadafi for many decades so don’t cite that as an answer against this statement.)  We, in Britain repeadedly get the Government we deserve, by ignoring the smaller parties and never giving them a chance to mature. So, at the next election, I can categorically assure you, you will have a Socialist or Conservative Government – and can you honestly swear that one is better than the other?

On the 12th April, 2010, The nurses union stated:

“The RCN is committed to working with the party that wins the election to improve care for all during this tough financial period. This manifesto makes clear that up to £20 billion will have to be saved in the NHS over the coming years.”

They must have been convinced that Labour were going to win!

And AV is no solution to these problems either.


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