England won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – The UK lost.

The United Kingdom (they came 11th) may have lost the contest but England were the real winners.

43 countries voted, and 41 of those voted in English not French.

France, of course, voted in French, and the Belgian representative was a Walloon (a French speaking Belgian) so naturally did as well, but no one else did.

Out of the twenty-five groups singing, 21 sang in English, three sang in their home language (Serbia, Spain, and even the French singer sang in his home language which was Corsican). Those adept at mental arithmetic will notice I have missed one out. This was the Greek entry and this was sung half in English and half in Greek.

Without wishing to denigrate France, a country I love and visit often – especially Paris where I worked between 1959 and 1962) surely there is a case now to drop French from the languages required to host the show, making it just English and the language of the host country? This would be fairer to the people in the country who are hosting the show.

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