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Come on over, the sun’s out, the water’s warm, and there’s a Piña Colada waiting for you on the beach.

As many of you know, Ampers’ Rants has moved to and we will be living there from now on. At the same time, I decided to register my own name for the Ampers’ Rants website. This way, if we decide to move again, you won’t have to worry as this link will always find us.

However, we are also on Twitter, and you can find us hanging out at AmpersUK there.

I have enjoyed our friendship and it will be a pity to lose touch with you, especially as many of you seem to come from all over the world (96 countries at the time of moving) – when you come to London, hop on an 82 bus and ask to be put off at ‘Ampers Towers’, it’s a huge building, you can’t miss it.


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