About Ampers

I am a seventy year old journalist editing a North London newspaper at http://www.finchleyarrow.co.uk and having a lot of fun doing it.

Came to “Engeland” from “Sith Ifrica” in 1955 at the age of fifteen and worked as a cub reporter for a year before moving to America for three years. Worked for six months on a Wisconsin newspaper before bumming around America in the most exciting time of the country’s history. The Rock ‘n’ Roll years. Bill Haley, The Platters, The Inkspots. They say that the good girls were the ones in the voluminous skirts. I took their word for it. However I can confirm that the saying that the naughty girls wore pencil thin skirts was perfectly true.

After three years I can back to England, joined the British Army and for three years I was in Paris in NATO security. Then after a year at the War Office in London I left the Army and went into Sales – ending up a departmental manager for a large company handling a sales and marketing team of twenty-seven.

The Commodore PET came out in 1977 and I have been in Computers ever since, the majority of the time as an IT Journalist a couple of times as a magazine editor.


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