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I watched this and didn’t know whether it was exciting or frightening – you decide!

Sony showed this to attendees at their Annual Shareholder’s meeting in 2009 but I have only just come across it and think it needs a wider audience.

The frightening thing is when they talk about first year and third year students…

Tell us what frightened or excited you below in the comments!



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Amazing and incredible technology arriving from Japan in the near future!

You  will not be able to know what is ahead  until  you  have seen the four pictures
and read the  explanation of what  they are, our future is here, incredible! what  an age we live in.
Look closely and guess what they  could be…


Are they pens with cameras?


Any wild guesses? No clue  yet?


Here  is how it works:Ladies  and gentlemen…. congratulations! You’ve  just looked into the future…
You’ve  just seen something that  will replace your PC in the near future.


In the revolution of miniature  computers, scientists  have made great developments with blue tooth  technology…
This  is the forthcoming computers you  can  carry within your pockets .
This ‘pen sort of instrument’  produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard on any flat surfaces
from where you can  carry out functions you would normally do on  your desktop computer.


This idea has been around for some time though


But now, the light comes from the actual phone or PDA

I don’t think it will replace the Notebook as such, but in the future I can imagine that larger laptops will replce the desktop and the above computer might will replace the Notebook.



Batteries in mobiles and laptops to run 100 times longer

A team of electrical engineers at Illinois University in the US believe their method will enable mobiles and laptops to run for up to 100 times longer between charges.

It focuses on changing the way a device’s digital memory works, as this consumes much of the charge.

At the moment mobile phone memories contain thin metal wires. Every time information is accessed, electricity is passed through them to retrieve the data.

The electrical engineers thought that if the size of the components used to store and retrieve the information could be reduced, so could the amount of electricity.

They have discovered a way of using carbon nanotubes – tiny tubes 10,000 times thinner than a human hair – instead.

The full article is in the Daily Telegraph



How fast is your laptop?

Watch this video for true enlightenment.

Ubuntu Light: Live fast from Immprint ltd on Vimeo.

As you can see, this is the way to conserve your laptop battery each and every day.



What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu, in Xhosa or Zulu means a shared progress0 for the help of all. The Linux program Ubuntu was based by a fellow South African, Mark Shuttleworth, on that premis and it has expanded rapidly in the five or so years it has been in existence.

I have been dabling with Linux on and off for ten years now, First with SuSE and then with Ubuntu, and for the last two years have used Ubuntu solely on my desktop and for one year on my Notebook and on my Netbook.

And have never looked back, or spent a penny on software.

Take a look at their latest software. It is quite impressive.

If you only use a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, browser and email program, then it is foolish not to use this. If you also like software to edit and watch videos and photographs, then it is foolish to use anything other than this. If you like to play music and edito mp3 files for your cellphone, then this is the operating system to use.

There is only one “lie” in the entire video. It states there are thousands of free programs available. This is wrong but I understand why they have said this. There are, in fact, tens of thousands of free programs and I have said this here as I am sure my readers will be able to get their heads around this fact.



A False Identity

This is something we normally associate with criminals or people in the security services, but with social websites and the all invasive Internet, it might be more useful if we all create a false identity.

Name. Use a nickname with your surname instead of your real first name whenever you are on the Internet. Make sure it begins with the same initials as your first name. Have a false address, but one that is nearby where you have a relative or good friend who will pass on any mail which might arrive for you. Phone: If you have to give out a telephone number, use your cellphone number. Make a list of everyone you give out the cellphone number to as you might want to change it every two years when you change your phone contract. When you make a list, you need to put their email address on the list as it will then be easy to send out a blanket email to those who need to know your new mobile number.

Email address: Get a Google Gmail account. This is useful as it allows you to add a “+” sign before the “@”sign and add an identifying code as part of your email address. For example, I signed in to Majestic Wine once, and used Six months later I got an email spam from Aviva addressed to I telephoned the CEO at Majestic who was dismayed (I wonder why) and said he’d ring me back after making enquiries. The story when he rang me back was that an ex-employee must have sold the list on! I now use numbers as these don’t stand out so much, such as and have a list of who I sign on with these numbers. Very useful.

History: Write out a potted history which is similar to your own but different enough to foil any criminals who may want to impersonate you in your non-Internet life. But keep it to less than one A4 page in size Leave room for adding extra data when a website asks for what you feel is intrusive data.

Birthdate: Change your date of birth to one in the year after or before yours. Use your relatives or your friends birthday month and day so it is always in your memory. In other words, change it but make it easy on yourself.

Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, your friends don’t bother to read your personal information there, so slowly change it all to fit into your new identity. Strangers who pretend to want to be friends will harvest this incorrect information and you will have protected yourself from these people.

This article is not intended to be the “be all and end all” of what needs to be done. It is intended to get you thinking along the right lines to protect your identity from thieves.

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What is Dropbox?

I have found an interesting website called DropBox in the USA. This is a special service which offers cloud computing. All cloud computing means is your data is on another computer.

The program adds a folder in your Windows Explorer or Linux Nautilus file display folder, and whatever you add into that folder is added to your DropBox cloud account and is immediately visible and shared on each of your computers and/or your smart-phone. However, you have to register (free) each computer/phone on their website but from each computer/phone. Mine, for example, is visible on my Linux machine, my Netbook and my HTC Desire smart-phone.

You can grab a link for any individual file and send it to someone who can view it without a DropBox account.

There is also provision to share folders but this is done a different way. Each person you share it with must have a DropBox account. And once they have clicked on the link to share, that folder is also visible in their DropBox folder. This is very handy for sharing files that need constant updating with your family, friends or office workers. My wife and I share a folder and, as she uses Windows, it is very useful for sharing files.

When you join DropBox you have the opportunity to select 2GB of storage space which is free or, if you want to store all your files on DropBox (they will do your back-ups) it is $9.95 (£6.42) a month for 25GB or double that for 50GB.

The nice point about the free 2GB choice is, you get a bonus of 256MB when you perform five of the six examples of learning how it works. This is a good deal as you get to know how it works by performing these requests.

You also get a bonus when you introduce anyone. 256MB for both you and the new person so everyone gains. I use DropBox so if anyone contacts ampers on gmail before signing on, I will send you a link to use so we both gain a 256MB bonus.

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