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This would never be allowed in the UK

Here is an advert for Nandos Fried Chicken shown on South African TV.

Yes, we do have our own brand of blonde Essex Girls in South Africa, as you will see in this short clip!

Alas, even if you are going over there for a holiday, there’s no point in giving you her phone number, she’s fully booked until 2015.


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I am not a health nut but…

Came across this article on the web and it looked interesting

Oregano oil is widely known as a potent germ-killer, anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Not only is it highly respected within the natural health community, it is also being widely studied within the scientific community for its vast medical uses.

In research done on the oil, it has been found that it could supercede many commonly-used pain killers, such as aspirin and even morphine. Oregano oil also has extremely high levels of free-radical-fighting antioxidants, agents that protect the body from the development of chronic conditions over time.

Oregano oil may also aid in the prevention and treatment of a variety of common infectious ailments including the common flu, psoriasis, eczema, Athlete’s foot, and bacterial infections.

Research on Oregano Oil

Studies have shown its usefulness against the prevention of candida albicans, aspergillus mold, staph infections, vaginal infections, pseudomonas and listeria. Certain studies reveal that it is as powerful a painkiller as the best ones on the market, with the added benefit that it is has little to zero side effects.

A study from the US Dept of Agriculture showed that oregano essential oils presented antimicrobial activities against Salmonella and E.coli. Other research holds the same, stating that oregano oil is such a powerful antimicrobial that it can be used to preserve food. Studies from the Department of Food Science at the University of Tennessee and the University of the Algarve found that similar results for oregano’s antibacterial action on pathogenic germs.

A recent study from the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center, stated the following in regard to the use of essential oils for preventing infections:

“New, safe antimicrobial agents are needed to prevent and overcome severe bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil)…offer such possibilities.” [PDF]

In an article from Science Daily, oil of oregano was found to be effective in killing Staphylococcus bacteria. It was also equally as effective in its germ-killing abilities as common prescription antibiotics like streptomycin, penicillin and vancomycin.

Another study published in the journal Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology found that oregano oil could lower the negative effects of induced colitis in rats. This use suggests it may be beneficial to the colon and liver.

You can read the full article on their website.


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War, famine and homosexuality

I think most of us know, from our earliest years, that Nature abhors imbalance and everything in Nature has a purpose. If we think about it, Nature also looks after the planet for us.

Have you ever thought why most wars seem to occur in areas where the inhabitants tend to have lots of children and the race tends to multiply so quickly? And, of course, this applies to famine and disease as well. I often wonder whether this is because Nature is trying to redress the balance. This is probably why, with all the facilities of medical science there are still 29 million Africans dying of AIDS each year and 40 million have H1V at present.

Let me explain. We plunder the earth’s resources and ore and oil is costing us more and more to extract from the earth. Then our planet is doubling its population on a linear scale which, at present, means that our six and a half billion Earth inhabitants will expand to twelve billion by 2047. Where are we all going to live, What are we all going to eat? Where are we all going to work?

If I am right prepare to see much more imbalance and more famine and wars in the third world as the years progress.

In Western Europe, we have not had any wars since 1945, thanks to the organisation of NATO. Some misguided fools tend to think the European Union is the reason for no wars, but, believe me, it is NATO.
And, of course, because of the efficiency of the Europeans and the more temperate climate, we have not had any famine. But until recently, we have had smaller families and Nature has given us a miss.

However, we now have mass immigration to Europe from the third world and these people continue with their large families and Nature has become concerned at the looming imbalance.

Homosexuality has been around since the Ancient Greeks, but have you noticed how Homosexuality has increased at an enormous rate in Europe over the last decade or two? Could this be Nature addressing the balance.

I would like to see a society where we come to accept Homosexuality so that people like David Laws can get on with their job without feeling they have to hide themselves. Personally I have always treated Homosexuals the same way as I have treated Roman Catholics. I believe in live and let live, and as long as they don’t try to sell their religion to me I am happy to befriend them, after all they are just “people” in my book. and they don’t have children!

The more wars, famine, disease and homosexuality we have, the more room there will be on the earth to sustain the rest of us. I know this may seem heartless but, you know, Nature is heartless. After all, part of their plan is that different “races” of animals and insects must eat each other so that no species becomes too large on the planet.

And if a homosexual is upset because I haven’t called you “Gays” I apologise but I really do deplore the hi-jacking of one of the most lovely words in the English language and cannot bear to use it in this context.


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No more famine in East Africa

Article in today’s Electronic Telegraph:

Fresh goods for supermarkets rot in Kenya as volcano grounds flights

Millions of pounds of vegetables and flowers destined for British supermarkets are being destroyed in Kenya as European flight bans hit air freight operators.

Does this mean we no longer have to support East African charities?



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Hang ’em high!

I always assumed that the “best before” dates on food were written by companies scared of being sued. For example, with fresh food, they had to assume that some people were too poor to have a fridge, and some of those people would store the food in a hot kitchen.

I have now read, in today’s electronic Telegraph that “The Food Standards Agency” (FSA) fears much of the food is being wasted because people do not understand labels.”

The latest figures show almost 3 million tonnes of food is thrown away because consumers think it is about to go off, and that the biggest problem is people throwing away food because they think that the ‘best before’ date means the food is no longer safe to eat. This is just not true!

Take steak: It is said that the best steak has to be “hung” for three weeks. Being “hung” in domestic premises just means you leave it in the fridge before eating it.

If you are like me and like your steak “bleu” then you must sear both sides first as germs only rest on the outside of a steak, and the intense heat of searing will kill them off. For the same reason, as mince has too much contact to the air, hamburgers should always be “well done”. This is bad news if, like me, you like your steak “bleu“. And even those who prefer rare or medium should choose well-done when given the choice.


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