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Come on over, the sun’s out, the water’s warm, and there’s a Piña Colada waiting for you on the beach.

As many of you know, Ampers’ Rants has moved to and we will be living there from now on. At the same time, I decided to register my own name for the Ampers’ Rants website. This way, if we decide to move again, you won’t have to worry as this link will always find us.

However, we are also on Twitter, and you can find us hanging out at AmpersUK there.

I have enjoyed our friendship and it will be a pity to lose touch with you, especially as many of you seem to come from all over the world (96 countries at the time of moving) – when you come to London, hop on an 82 bus and ask to be put off at ‘Ampers Towers’, it’s a huge building, you can’t miss it.


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Nightmare in Elm Street

Just had to split two blogs from WordPress as someone else needed to adminster one of them.

What a nightmare.

I’m too old for all this.

Still all working OK now – I think. 😦


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An army of Lions lead by a sheep?

An old African saying reads: An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

The question to ask here is, which of the following seems like a sheep, and which one seems and sounds like a lion?

David Cameron – sheep or lion?
Nick Clegg – sheep or lion?
Ed Milliband – sheep or lion?
Nigel Farage – sheep or lion?

Take a look at this website – I show an extraction below:

Annual Costs of EU Membership

The net cost of the EU to Britain is £20 billion pa. But the actual cost is much more than that.

The European Union costs us £65 billion gross every year.

That’s about £1,000 each every year for every man, woman and child in the UK. And it increases every year.
Direct and Indirect Costs of the EU

Estimates of the true cost of the EU are difficult to come by. MPs have called many times for a cost-benefit analysis, to prove or disprove the benefits of membership. Successive Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have refused, on the grounds that the “benefits” are self-evident. In truth they are afraid of what such a study would show. The Bruges Group have finally produced an authoritative study.


The second question to ask is what can you do with an extra £1,000 for you, an extra £1,000 for your spouse, and an extra £1,000 for each of your children each and every year? Or, to put it another way, what could our country do with an extra £65B each year to go towards paying off our debts?

This is a very hard question to ponder over, so I’ll go away and leave you to it!


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For our new immigrants

You are probably wondering about all the terms for this country. England, Britain, United Kingdom and the British Isles.

So here is the definitive description.

Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and various islands scattered around the landmass.

The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s right, Northern Ireland is not in Great Britain.

The British Isles consists of the United Kingdom and Eire. That’s right Eire, an independent country, is still situated within the British Isles.

Learn this by heart as we will be questioning you later and failure to get it right will be drastic for you.


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Britain, crime and the law

The following was written by Working Class Tory and was nicked from his blog – but I know he won’t mind as long as I have acknowledged the author and given a link to his website! This, in turn, was nicked from the National Review On Line, but like my blog, full acknowledgements have been given. When something is good and of great interest, it moves around!

Britain has the highest crime rate in Western Europe, despite having a third of all the closed-circuit television cameras in the world to oversee the population, and despite having more or less abandoned a suspect’s right to silence.

There are whole areas of the country in which the weight of the state in the economy is not far short of that of the state in Soviet Russia.

Thanks to state-sponsored social pathology, more than a third of the population is entirely dependent on the state for its livelihood, and would starve without it.

The last government created a new criminal offense every working day for ten years, such that no citizen can possibly know what is legal and what is not.

Arbitrary and constantly changing regulation makes life a nightmare for anyone running a business or a service.

While expenditure on education doubled between 2000 and 2007, the proportion of British children learning a foreign language declined by 75 percent.

In short, the British state is a swamp of corruption, all the worse for being more intellectual and moral than straightforwardly financial.

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The secret powers of time

10 minutes and nine seconds of an amazing, captivating lecture that goes a long way to explaining why governments don’t really understand the transition that our young are going through.


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Jump on the “money-go-round”

The Australians have produced a video to help the British understand the European economy.


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