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What a novel idea

This contract with the public in the Cambridge constituency has been signed fby an independent candidate. Would any reader please copy it and broadcast it on your blogs and send it to any political or press contacts. It deserves a full airing.


Constituents Contract

I, Old Holborn, as candidate in the General Election 2010 hereby agree to the following contract with my constituents:

• I will remain a fiercely loyal representative for my constituents. I will not put any party or other interest, before my constituents. If I do, I will resign.

• I will work with any organisation in Scotland, the UK or Europe if it will help the people of my constituency.

• I will never promise what I know I cannot deliver.

• I will endeavour to acknowledge all letters from constituents within 24 hours between Monday and Friday.

• I will endeavour to acknowledge all emails from constituents within 24 hours between Monday and Friday but hopefully sooner.

• I will attend regular advice/consultation sessions which will be widely advertised in the constituency. I will arrange home visits for the elderly, disabled and carers.

• I will never knowingly claim credit for something when the credit is not mine.

• I will tell people my real views, even when I know they will disagree with me.

• I will do my best to keep my website updated every day. I will blog regularly.

• My calendar will be published on my website and kept up to date daily from Monday to Friday.

• I will not claim one penny in expenses that is not absolutely required for me to carry out my job as an MP. If I do not keep this pledge, I will resign.

• I will publish my expenses (if any), in full, monthly or possibly weekly on my website. If I do not keep this pledge, I will resign.

• I will not use any taxpayer funded equipment or office for any other reason that to carry out my duties of MP. If I do not keep this pledge, I will resign.

• I will be a whistleblower against anyone. In this, I will not be anonymous and I will use the press. If I am caught knowing about illegality or sleaze and not whistle blowing, I will resign.

• I will be a full time MP with no jobs outside politics nor will I take any money from anyone for access. If I do work for anyone, it will be in a voluntary capacity which will not infringe on my time as an MP.

Signed Old Holborn 27.4.2010

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Hang ’em high!

I always assumed that the “best before” dates on food were written by companies scared of being sued. For example, with fresh food, they had to assume that some people were too poor to have a fridge, and some of those people would store the food in a hot kitchen.

I have now read, in today’s electronic Telegraph that “The Food Standards Agency” (FSA) fears much of the food is being wasted because people do not understand labels.”

The latest figures show almost 3 million tonnes of food is thrown away because consumers think it is about to go off, and that the biggest problem is people throwing away food because they think that the ‘best before’ date means the food is no longer safe to eat. This is just not true!

Take steak: It is said that the best steak has to be “hung” for three weeks. Being “hung” in domestic premises just means you leave it in the fridge before eating it.

If you are like me and like your steak “bleu” then you must sear both sides first as germs only rest on the outside of a steak, and the intense heat of searing will kill them off. For the same reason, as mince has too much contact to the air, hamburgers should always be “well done”. This is bad news if, like me, you like your steak “bleu“. And even those who prefer rare or medium should choose well-done when given the choice.


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